Why tenant engagement matters to the lettings market

Why tenant engagement matters to the lettings market

24 May 2018 | Harriet Garner

For many years, renting was just a part of the journey to eventually owning your own property. Increasingly, home-ownership has become a long-term aspiration for the few and a dream for the many. In the current housing climate, renting is becoming the long-term housing solution for an ever-growing percentage of the UK population.

Against this backdrop, just as vendors have had a list of ‘must-haves’ before making a purchasing decision, the same is beginning to be seen amongst renters who have a check list of their very own. Keeping abreast with these wants and needs as a rented accommodation provider is the surest way to differentiate your service offering, enhance reputation and keep ahead of the competition.

We recently surveyed our users to get a better understanding of these wants and needs. Users were asked what would be the greatest motivator when it came to choosing a property to rent as well as what the best aspects of renting their current properties.

The results are listed in order of importance.

What’s the biggest motivator for choosing a property?

  1. Feeling safe and secure
  2. Clean Environment
  3. Travel links
  4. Proximity to workplace
  5. Peace and quiet
  6. Things to do
  7. A local area with a buzz
  8. Open spaces
  9. Proximity to friends
  10. A sense of community
  11. Places to eat Nightlife

Best aspects of renting your current property

  1. A sense of community, feeling safe and secure and proximity to friends (all ranked equally)
  2. Proximity to work place
  3. Travel links
  4. Clean Environment
  5. Peace and quiet
  6. A local area with a buzz
  7. Places to eat
  8. Things to do
  9. Open Spaces
  10. Nightlife

In exchange for access to money-saving perks, our client’s renters give us feedback. We collate this insight and hand it back to our clients, helping them better understand their customer, business and how to improve service levels.

It’s simple and smart, and we can do the same for you.

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